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You are an angler fish at the lowest depths of the sea, but because you look so cute, every one wants you dead. It's dark down there, but lucky you, you have a lantern on your head to avoid anything in your way.

High Scores

  • 1.Big daddy lantern boi471
  • 2.Big daddy lantern boi311
  • 3.Big daddy lantern boi304
  • 4.Lost Fishy296
  • 5.Big daddy lantern boi292
  • 6.This game weak 288
  • 7.Big daddy lantern boi274
  • 8.Big daddy lantern boi265
  • 9.Big daddy lantern boi237
  • 10.Big daddy lantern boi236


These characters are your obstacles to avoid. They each have their own unique characteristics. = Kill Count


Mine 917

string(3) "917" Mines will creep on you when you get close, but they tend to block jelly fish and puffer fish well, so navigate wisely!


Crab 438

The only thing dangerous about the crab is his front claw.


Jelly Fish 879

You can jump and surf on their heads, but you must never touch their tentacles! You will die.

description description

Puffer Fish 31

These guys will expand and either shoot up or down to catch you. It is a good idea to trigger them in the opposite direction you are swimming towards.


Electric Eel 4

You can swim straight through an eel, but there is a 5/100 chance to be shocked every second, or something like that.


Sea Urchin 188

These are stuck to the ocean floor, keep an eye out for them!

description description

Debris 357

A sunken ship that's lost its wheel, or a pirate that lost his treasure. Swim too high and one of these will fall on you.


Lantern Fish

Lantern Fish is an independent project, I pretty much made everything, though I am throwing it under the studio name of Deleted Fragment. I designed and developed the app, this website, and other things Lantern Fish. I did have a good friend of mine create/enhance some graphical elements of the game. I created the music and most of the effects you hear in the game. I hope to earn enough to continue new content and additional games. Any support is greatly appreciated!

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Deleted Fragment

Deleted Fragment is the name of the studio a couple of friends of mine hope to one day open, and will put all our games and creations under.

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